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Responders Network.

Our mission is to increase public awareness of health and safety issues, and provide affordable common sense solutions through education, experience, technology, and support.  Empowered by a network of compassionate people, our mission is fulfilled on a daily basis with the support of caring individuals who are committed to sharing their knowledge and expertise in emergency services to help save lives.  


First On Scene

When you are the first on scene of a life-threatening emergency - you need to be prepared. If you wait until the emergency occurs, it may be too late.
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The "Standard of Care" has changed.

When attempting to save a life, CPR was once considered that standard.  However, advanced technology has increased awareness, and availability of effective, affordable adjuncts are now in demand.  



We give You the Tools, You save the lives!

Emergency Responders Network, Inc.  works through our national network to assist hospital responders in the development, implementation, and maintenance of complex life-saving First on Scene ™ safety programs, and have developed the “Gold Standard” for Public Access Defibrillation Programs.  

medical case

AED's And Accessories

In our effort to successfully protect, and save lives, the necessary equipment in an emergency can be life changing, and can make the difference between life and death.

training dummy


Emergency Response Network, Inc. has developed comprehensive training programs and a range of smart training solutions that keeps the process simple, fun, affordable, and engaging.

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Starting an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Program might sound intimidating, but losing a life can be devastating. So let’s get started and Save Lives!!!