About us

Emergency Responders Network, Inc., as our name implies, is composed of a network of emergency response professionals who have dedicated their lives to the profession of saving lives. Our team consists of Firefighters, Paramedics, Physicians, Nurses, EMTs and other individuals associated with the emergency medical services profession. Mike Myers, the President, is also Fire Captain / Paramedic in Santa Barbara, CA.

Several years ago, we became convinced that in addition to traditional CPR and First Aid training, the placement of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in places where people live, work and play could save thousands of lives every year. Today, Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) programs are enthusiastically endorsed by numerous organizations. Since that time, we have developed and refined our lifesaving AED Programs which have resulted in the saving of people's lives!


From our headquarters

(Located in beautiful Downtown Santa Barbara, California) We work through our national network (which extends from New York to Hawaii), to assist our pre-hospital responders (i.e. customers) in the development, implementation and maintenance of complex life-saving First on Scene™ safety programs. We have been successful in doing so and in the process, have developed the "Gold Standard" for Public Access Defibrillation Programs! We give you the tools...You save the lives!!!

Additionally, we desire to lift our community up to the highest standards of emergency preparedness and believe that when you combine the natural human compassion found in all of us with the highest quality of training, products and services, our communities will not only be a better place to live, but a safer place as well!

Our Mission at emegency responders network

Our Mission at Emergency Responders Network is to increase public awareness of health and safety issues and provide affordable common sense solutions through education, technology, experience and support. We will accomplish our mission by empowering a network of compassionate people whose background in emergency services gives them the knowledge needed to share these objectives.



THE RESULTS of Emergency Responders Network First on Scene™ AED Programs: lives are being saved!


You may download our brochure on our downloads page where you will find many great resources.